Airforce one, visit to KPHX

Does anyone know if there is live flight tracking on this?

I’m sure NORAD tracks them pretty closely. :smiley:

Definitely not FlightAware though…

thanks, i am on the final approach for 27 at phx an thought it might be an opportunity for a photo

If you know the approximate time of arrival you can go HERE, scroll down to KPHX and listen for them.

Your first heads-up will be when the tower announces a “ramp freeze in effect”, that means they’re 10 mins out. If you’re lucky you may hear something like “Air Force One checking in 10 miles out” but that’s probably about all you’ll hear from them.

Good Luck!

You’re positioned wrong… AF1 always lands on 8/26.

Actually I was positioned in my swimming pool which is approximately
12nm from the approach end of 26R. (mcKellips and Val Vista)
It did fly over but I missed the shot as my camera was still in the house.
at least i didn’t knock my beer over getting out of the pool…

One must maintain civilized priorities.

I think the press plane or whatever secondary support aircraft can be tracked.

I was trying to figure out an answer to the question you posed a few hours ago when looking for Air Force One PHX to ABQ tracking and found a entry for USA 3000 Airlines that seemed strange considering they don’t serve Albuquerque yet:

I wrote off the fact it might be Air Force One as a cloaked entry because the first leg is Baltimore to Andrews AFB, which made me thought it was positioning the plane to get ready to make the trip to Phoenix. If the log started at Andrews and ended up in Albuquerque I would feel stronger that it might be AF One as a cloaked entry.

I think Air Force One was 25 minutes behind this plane, based on a brief news item I found about when Air Force One went wheels up in Phoenix headed for Albuquerque.

Good call! :smiley:

There would be no need for the military to cloak the flight of presidential aircraft because it is a military aircraft. Military aircraft are not tracked so what would be the purpose of using a real call sign to cloak an aircraft that isn’t tracked by civilian trackers?

knocking over beer never a good thing :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: Gold star to you :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure I saw an Air Force One program in which the plane was given a dummy aircraft type and identity on a surprise Presidential visit to Iraq so that it wouldn’t be obvious to those that want to harm the U.S. that Air Force One was in Iraqi airspace.

Considering I think military aircraft have to be tracked so they don’t collide with civilian aircraft, the best way to do that if the public had access to tracking info is to cloak Air Force One as some other airline and aircraft type.

ATC can see it. We can’t. When Bush went to Iraq for Thanksgiving they filed as a Gulfstream going to Iraq.

Damiross must have assumed you had read the site FAQ’s regarding tracking. He meant to say “military aircraft are not tracked -by FlightAware”.

And yes, the government does use subterfuge in it’s operations from time to time.

no offense but i wouldn’t mind this plane having a fatality.

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That wasn’t a threat.

However, because don’t forget this is the New America we aren’t allowed to say bad things about anybody, especially the royalty.

True. He only said he wouldn’t mind.

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