Ghost flight

I have been tracking SKW1222 from DXZ to LAS. This flight is daily,
except holidays. Maybe cargo flight, but i have contacted Skywest, and
they say this flight does not exist. DXZ is St. George Utahs new airport.
Any ideas? Jim

I don’t know but there is another airport that needs to have it’s time zone corrected.

Looking at it a bit more, it looks like a positioning flight for maintenance. Delta does not list any St George-Vegas nonstop flights so, of course, Sky West reservations will not know anything about it. The inbound flight from Vegas arrives just after this one leaves.

thanks. This flight leaves DXZ right after midnight, and they are all turbo prop, never the CRJs. So you are saying Skywest has to take thier planes to LAS fro service? Still seem like a strange time for any planes
to be leaving DXZ.

uh, no. The just after midnight is UTC which would be just after 5PM in Utah. SKW has a hangar in St. George for Brasilia maintenance as well as being the Corporate headquarters. It looks like that airplane either spends 24 hours on the ground or switches with the late night flight from SLC and goes out early the next morning depending on what is needed.

ok, but why do all these SKW 1222 flights go to Las Vegas?

by the way, i have been talking to Skywest corporate here in St. George,
and they are the one saying no such flight! I really don’t like to be a pain, but i really have to get to the bottom of this ghost flight.
Planes don’t just come and go without the owner knowing about it.

this is the log

Remark on this Aircraft (SKW1222) Remark on this Flight (KDXZ-KLAS)

ACTIVITY LOGWant a full history search for SKW1222 dating back to 2005? Buy now. Get it within one hour.
Date Aircraft Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration
21-Jan-2011 E120/A St George Muni (KDXZ) McCarran Intl (KLAS) 12:04AM GMT 04:32PM PST (-1) 0:28
20-Jan-2011 E120/G St George Muni (KDXZ) McCarran Intl (KLAS) 12:08AM GMT 04:36PM PST (-1) 0:28
19-Jan-2011 E120/G St George Muni (KDXZ) McCarran Intl (KLAS) 12:08AM GMT 04:44PM PST (-1) 0:36
18-Jan-2011 E120/G St George Muni (KDXZ) McCarran Intl (KLAS) 12:07AM GMT 04:37PM PST (-1) 0:30
14-Jan-2011 E120/G St George Muni (KDXZ) McCarran Intl (KLAS) 12:36AM GMT 05:12PM PST (-1) 0:36
12-Jan-2011 E120/G St George Muni (KSGU) McCarran Intl (KLAS) 01:00PM MST 12:29PM PST 0:29
11-Jan-2011 E120/G St George Muni (KSGU) Palm Springs Intl (KPSP) 01:34PM MST 01:38PM PST 1:04
11-Jan-2011 E120/G St George Muni (KSGU) McCarran Intl (KLAS) 01:34PM MST Diverted
10-Jan-2011 E120/G St George Muni (KSGU) McCarran Intl (KLAS) 01:06PM MST 12:35PM PST 0:29

Corporate isn’t necessarily going to tell you about a flight. Call Skywest Ops

They go to Vegas because it is close and apparently they don’t need any more flights to SLC.