MISSING FLIGHTS SWA 372 DEN-IAD 12/21 19:55 departure

I was on southwest 372 12/21/22 at 7:55 MST from DEN-IAD we were on the tarmac for for over 4 1/2 hours and were logged as in air flight for almost 24 hours. This flight is a ghost and no longer exists anywhere on the internet.
I need access to the data from this flight, it is absolutely crucial. The flight no longer exists on the flight log, not even cancelled like the others.
Please help!!!

WN/SWA 372, a 737 N734SA, departed DEN at 11:12 am and arrived at IAD 3:53 pm.

Yep, that was the best match I could find to the OP’s description too.

(But the inbound flight for that aircraft only arrived at DEN an hour earlier, so…)

Things that would be useful:

  • AM or PM? (Oh, it’s in the post title, never mind)
  • Departure gate
  • Scheduled departure, actual gate departure time, actual takeoff time

Hi there thanks for the reply, I spoke with someone in service on the phone as well. There should be a record of this flight information somewhere, I just need a PDF of the info from this flight.

  • So it was an evening flight on 12/21. Original departure time was around 7:55 PM. We boarded around 8:18 and we never left.
  • Try flight 3281 instead.
  • We originated at gate C40 in Denver. And we never actually took off.

Our plane taxied on the tarmac for over 4 hours. This is how you will know that it is our flight.

Please let me know!!

Noah Dixon

Guessing this is the flight:

Info is a little suspect with all the cancellations because it shows a takeoff time but it really didn’t and the top of the page indicates it was cancelled. The history confirms it did not takeoff for this flight/leg and went to IND instead on the 22nd.

Left Gate C40 at 9:44 MST (so if you boarded at 8:18, sat for 1 1/2 hrs or so) and attempted to get to IAD, but ended up taxiing for a while (3 hrs 11 minutes according to FA, so total of 4 1/2 hrs or so on the plane maybe?) going back to Gate C35.

Taxiing looked like this:


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