what is...


I am looking at swa732 on 3 Dec 08 (in progress)
what should be a flight from phx to sna has instead the plane going back and forth.
A 10:34 shows an actual 10:08 departure, and 49 minutes into a 89 minute flight (normally 59 minutes) has the plane heading back to PHX.

Any idea how to find out what’s happening?

I’d post a picture of what I see, but I can’t figure it out (yet)





Looks like a glitch.



Thanks for replying.

A glitch on whose part, though?

A 60 minute flight turns into 90 something minutes. I’m only following this flight because my wife and I will be riding on this plane in a couple of weeks. I thought it might be fun to follow it. However, today’s flight path was weird. This was the first time, in the limited time I log in, I had seen something such as that.

thanks again.



Probably a typo by the controller marking the wrong flight as departed, then the radar positions coming from both flights caused the back and forth pattern on the map.


Controllers don’t “mark as departed”. The transponder in the aircraft does it. It could have been a wrong transponder code entered by the flight crew ( stuff happens, ya know) and the wrong data tag was then associated to the aircraft.