just take a look at this.

this is a flight that was listed under scheduled/en route to ksfz. it clearly is departing ksfz. what the hell. it should be listed under departures. also this

this flight was listed under departues from ksfz. ksfz if in rhode island (a state) this is like kentucky or something. the plane didnt even take off or land at ksfz.

this is the same one thats under en route to ksfz. its under departures. (its right, but its listed twice.)

as you can see this is totally screwed up. all i wanted was a place to track plane in and out of my airport


I think there is something screwed up on your computer’s keyboard. Do you know the definition of “enroute” and “scheduled?”


Everything looks right to me.


Listen up Box778899:
One of those planes (N633AT) was listed under departures. When you click on that airplane, you get the “live” tracking of that airplane. If you look at a few of the past flights for that airplane, it DID depart SFZ this morning, but it is NOW in "Kentucky or something"
Nothing is screwed up, other than you.