This site is Awsome and extreamly resourcful!
Earlier today i say an unusual flight and searched all the flight tracker sites to identify the flight, but none were as extensive and explorable as this site is.

I did find the Flight after 15 mins on this site after hours of trying to find site such as this.

Heres a link to a site explaining what I saw and how i figured out what the flight was all about.

flamehaus.com/bbs/an-odd-thi … 74758.html

Thanx FightAware!


FlightAware is great for helping out with determining the origin & destination of particular flights.

Now they just need to make a web site like this for lost socks…

Chris in New Hampshire


Omega, how did you add that red dot to the map to show your work location? I like that.

Also, if you look again at http://flightaware.com/live/flight/XNA10. you’ll conclude that XNA10 was originally diverted from KSCK to KSFO and held there for about 3 hours before completing its flight.

It could be there was an airport problem at KSCK. It could be there was a flight situation where they wanted to land on a longer runway. It could be they had a maintenance problem that could be better handled at KSFO.

I just thought you’d like some more stuff to research. :laughing:


Photoshop :blush:

the odd thing though is that it flew to stockton 14 days ago at about 12pm


There are some interesting deviations from the standard KDAY/KSCK routing of XNA10. For instance, on 12/23 the flight originated from KECA, which FA does not recognize as a valid airport code.

A quick Google of [ECA airport] returns Emmet County Airport, East Tawas, MI. Is that an airport that handles Airbus 300s?

Some things we might see here are beyond understanding, but not beyond wonder. :smiley:


i thought the same thing when i saw it fly overhead bound for stockton, but then again it was a ferry flight possible maintaince or just getting logistics right. there is a big port in stockton possibly why it does flights out of there, though i thought SCK could only hand 727,737,a320 and other narrow bodies, guess im wrong :blush: time to start spotting!


The only airport in East Tawas, MI is Iosco County airport., 6D9. Its only runway is 4800 feet and it doesn’t have Jet-A. I kinda doubt an Airbus would use that airport. When I ask www.airnav.com (a great site for finding airport information, by the way) about ECA it redirects me to 6D9, making me believe that once upon a time its identifier was ECA and that it was changed.

As of today, there is no airport ECA. However, there is a VORTAC ECA, Manteca, which is just southeast of the Stockton airport. Is it possible that the flight originated from Stockton (like most of the XNA10 flights seem to do) as a VFR flight, then picked up its IFR clearance over ECA VOR, and the controller entered it as KECA instead?