Thank You!

A big Thank You for providing such a wonderful service.Today our son flew
from korf to klga and on to kday via of USAirways flight us3808 and us2431. My wife and I flight tracked the flights to his safe landing at kday.
The Flightaware tracking gave us great satisfaction of his safe arrival to his destination. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful service.
Flightaware is the best flight tracking website that I have ever used.

Ooo, KDAY. Great airport but could have chosen a better airline.

We didn’t have a choice of airlines, the travel agency made all the arrangements. The main thing is, the flight was uneventful and he landed safely. Thanks, Delta is a good airline and I have flown with them many times. Have a good day.

Did you pay the travel agency for making the reservations? Then you, as the customer, have a choice.

I’ve found a good way to make reservations is to use It shows you all the fares between two points. When you find a fare you like, click on it. You are then taken to the airline’s web page to purchase the fare without a travel agency fee.

Thanks for the info on the website, I will check out the website the next that me or my family fly. Have a good day and thanks again for the information.

Or you could use Flight Aware’s Insight feature.

Unless I’m overlooking it, the Insight feature doesn’t allow you to book flights. All it shows is the average fares, not necessarily current fares.