I’m here in Providence, RI trying to get back to North Carolina after a job interview.

Of course the storm here has been NASTY and I was on the LAST flight out. However, things were looking ugly and I KNEW FA could help.

I fired up my browser, and looked for my incoming flight. Sure enough, while the guy at the gate was telling me “It looks like there might be ice on the runway and they may be late” I saw my inbound had made a hard turn and was listed as “diverted” and to another airport.

I fired up the cell phone and got the LAST SEAT for the entire next day.

While we were all being told “it might be here” I KNEW it wasn’t gonna happen…THANKS TO FLIGHT AWARE!!!


What was the flight that you were suppose to be on and what is your new flight???


I was supposed to leave on SWA406 (PVD-BWI), but the one coming to pick us up at PVD was SWA1050

As soon as I saw that hard left by Manhattan, I made my calls.

I DID show everyone around me what I was seeing and they all were kinda like “OK, whatever.” Then I hung up and waited for the announcement. After it was announced, about 30 people came up saying “WHAT is that site? How do you get that? Is it free? I SHOULD have listened to YOU!”

FlightAware should be WAY proud!!!


Don’t you just love people like that! I get that a lot with this site. I show people and there like I don’t care what that is, then when something happens BAM there back, but I don’t help them when they comeback I say I don’t care in a nice wise ass way. If you can get some pictures of what you see there outside the terminal I love seeing what others see.