New flight not in flight finder?


I was looking up the new Zoom flight EGKK-KSAN and it didn’t come up in the flight finder. I had to go to the KSAN scheduled page, and it was there.

The departure back to Gatwick is there (UKZ16S), but not the incoming flight, which apparently is enroute and should be popping into FA’s coverage area any time now.


checking again, flight still not in the flight finder, not tracking, and no tracklog…but shows ‘enroute’ with 484 miles to go as of this posting. It should be showing up over Utah or something…


I saw it today at San Diego and heared it on a friend’s scanner, the callsign was “UKZ15S”. I looked on flightaware and it said flight plan “n/a”. Any reason why this would happen? Usually it has some waypoints on it…