Zoom Airlines Unavailable in getEnroute Method


Currently, Zoom Airlines is making its first arrival into San Diego. FlightXML is not sending this flight’s information under the getEnroute method. It is showing in FlightAware though:



There may have been an issue with the first flight, can you confirm it’s still not working?

I saw your other post about it not appearing in the flight finder; that’s common for international inbound flights, but I’ll see if the developers can improve it.


flightaware.com/live/flight/UKZ1 … /EGKK/KSAN
As of this posting, has 340 miles to go, which should put it around Vegas…no track showing on the map tho. This is the second flight, same result as the debut.
Also, nothing on the tracklog.


The lack of a track is a separate issue; information for the aircraft should still be available via FlightXML.


Thanks for the reply. Today, on the second flight, I did receive the flight. In fact, I got two alerts for the plane arriving at two separate times.

The flight not showing up has happened once before on a first flight into San Diego (Virgin America before).




It showed up for me today, but the flight plan was n/a.