Oddity or Bug? AJI490


Can confirm the aircraft is up and actually almost to KABQ. FA shows the trip planned, but no update showing airborne and its over an hour into the trip. Any ideas?


Are you sure? Perhaps it was a different Ameristar flight you say taking off, because a few minutes ago 490 departed Nogales for Lubbock.

21-Dec-2005 FA20/G Nogales Int’l [KOLS] Lubbock Preston Smith Int’l [KLBB] 04:58PM MST 07:34PM CST En Route


Ameristar dispatch told me it would be for at least the KABQ-KOLS deadhead leg. Check KABQ activity and see it is still planned, but with no movement. Really strange, as FA is usually right on the mark with these.
For what it’s worth, I have fr8 on that plane and others…have been and will continue to recommend FA to the people that need to be in the know.
This is a very nice product you have and it keeps getting better.


I’m sorry, I was confused in my previous post. We did track the flight from ABQ to OLS:
21-Dec-2005 FA20/G Albuquerque Int’l Sunport [KABQ] Nogales Int’l [KOLS] 02:47PM MST 03:39PM MST 0:52
And before the most recent flight the map reflected that flight.

There are still two scheduled flights listed in the Activity Log, but given the aircraft’s position and the current time I think Ameristar rescheduled the flights.
21-Dec-2005 FA20/G Nogales Int’l [KOLS] Tulsa Int’l [KTUL] 04:00PM MST 07:21PM CST Scheduled
21-Dec-2005 FA20/G Fort Dodge Regional [KFOD] Albuquerque Int’l Sunport [KABQ] 12:25PM CST 01:19PM MST Scheduled


Sometimes the fr8 charter guys can be just like buying an exclusive courier truck…“we’ll getter there, but right now we aint sure just how” :laughing:

The actual AJI490 routing is this:
KFOD(initial location)-KABQ(fuel)-KOLS (Load Cargo) -
KLBB (fuel) - KTUL (more fuel, damn this thing is thirsty)- KOKK (Final dest)
No doubt on this one cause dispatch called me every leg to update

During the deadhead leg into OLS, FA (and fboweb & flightexplore as well) had trouble getting ANY info to pull up. Could this be a result of how AJI filed the plans? Not a big deal from my standpoint, but I would enjoy assisting in making your product as good as it can be.

Again thanks for the response.


Everything about the ABQ-OLS flight looks normal (flight plan, departure, and arrival), so I’m not sure why it wasn’t working for you. I saw the page after the flight completed and it all looked fine.
We see aircraft all the time with multiple filed plans (some of which will never be flown) and it doesn’t cause any trouble for our system.