Newark (EWR) info about int'l planes in morning wanted


I am going to be flying through EWR tomorrow (Tuesday 6/11 at 0500). I will be transiting from Concourse C to Concourse A and I would like to know what planes I might see at the international terminals at around 0540. I looked at the flight history on the FA EWR page and there don’t seem to be many international arrivals early in the morning. Thanks in advance!


It’s been my experience that most of the big iron/carbon fibre isn’t around until late afternoon.


Do any of the biggies pull all nighters?


Seem to recall El Al does on occasion. SAS. UA will always have some stuff over C way. If you have time to kill take the AirTrain (or whatever they call it) out to the Amtrak station and back. You can get a good view of everything. Kalitta has one of their 747 (744’s I believe) freighters there alot.


Thanks! BTW, I have 2 hours 30 mins. to kill, so I’ll probably be able to see most of the airport.


UA’s two India flights get in around 5 AM (777’s). So do their flights from Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires (767-400 and 767-300).

UA’s Asia flights leave late morning and may be already at their gates (NRT, PEK, PVG) - sometimes the aircraft that operate those are RON’s, sometimes the India aircraft turn to operate those flights.

Virgin Atlantic has a morning flight to London, (A340-600) so that will be there.

Air India’s BOM-EWR gets in around 7 AM (777-200LR)

In terms of pax aircraft, that’s about it I think for that time of day.


Thanks also, drdisque. I just had a look at the EWR FA page again, it looks like an El Al 777 will be there tomorrow morning. Also, I’m hoping my flight doesnt get delayed tonight (currently, all inbound planes to EWR being held ~1 hr 30 mins. @ point of origin).


Thanks for the info! I saw El Al, Air India, Kalitta, Cargojet, Virgin Atlantic, and other US airlines while I was at EWR. I’m up in Catskill right now, and I have also seen Jet Airways, SAS, and Swiss inbound to EWR, plus a few other biggies en route to JFK.