UCA on the west coast.

For the last couple of days UCA flight plans have showed up in and out of SFO using existing Sky West flight numbers. Since the flights are actually being flown by Sky West the UCA flights never depart or arrive they just clog up Flight Aware and I imagine since they are in the ATC system they also clog up the flow control calculations.

They are on KSATs page to, it started with just 1-2 out of KIAH, now they are showing up from all over, SFO, IAD, ORD.

Interesting. I wonder if they are doing some dispatcher training and accidentally filing flight plans. or something like that.

I noticed 1 flight into SPI yesterday that was the same way. The number mirrored a Skywest flight number and times. I noticed some of the flights out of ORD were as far away as SLC which would be impossible for any UCA types. I noticed a flight from SPI today that is the same way.

The FAA imports airline base schedules into the traffic management system for a variety of purposes and sends them on to us in a format that looks roughly like half-baked flightplans. And they’re pretty bad at interpreting the schedules, particularly translating ICAO and IATA airline codes. And it’s outsourced to a contractor so they won’t accept bug reports/corrections without going through the sustainment office. And you can imagine how that goes.

Anyway, we have a workaround on our side we can implement to fix the UCA scheduled flights and we’ll do that effective in about a day.