The next nagging bug

besides no overflights… … /KSBP/KSFO

I’m seeing quite a few jogs like the one above in the blue line that has nothing to do with either the flight plan or what was flown.

That particular jog appears to be a standard RADAR approach to SFO for 28L & 28R and I think they are for traffic from up and down the coast and Tran-oceanic flights from both directions. It has something to do with spacing for concurrent approaches to those runways.
Wouldn’t you know it; yesterday i was looking up something about Norcal TRACON and stumbled across a study in 2006/2007 about Oceanic Tailored Arrivals (OTA) into SFO versus current approach procedures and it showed several visuals of the traffic flow that fit that specific pattern. Here is one link OTA which is the basic findings of the study.
I used the same search parameters today and can’t find the link for the part of the study that graphically really breaks down the vertical profile(s) and findings. :angry: :blush:

I know what you are saying, but isn’t the blue line supposed to be the flight plan before takeoff and what was flown after? The flgiht I noted did not go all the way to PRB and back to the coast, it went straight up the coast. Later it may have jogged due to flow, I don’t know since I went to bed.

A lot of flights, mostly out of ORD since I track that a lot, will show weird, random jogs. For example, a flight from ORD to GRR via ONE FIX will show multiple jogs to random points.

I thought blue dashed was FPR and solid green was actual. Todays Sky West flight 6634 showed the blue dashed almost directly under the solid green until the late 90 turn to the right (“base leg”?) at which point the blue dash went directly to SFO. That makes it appear that the flight plan does not include the actual approach profile. :unamused: