Variation in filed flight plan vs actual track.

I notice that frequently, the actual radar track (green line) will vary from the dashed blue line. For example, this flight from KSMF to KLGB.

There are some obvious variations in the radar track vs. the dashed blue line which (I think) is the filed plan. Is this because of wind, or is there some other explanation? Or am I misinterpreting the data? Thanks for info.


Correct Bob.

Dashed is the anticipated track based on filed flight plan.

Green is actual track which deviations can be caused by winds or even ATC vectors or more extreme changes could be from amended clearances.

Variations from the “as filed” blue track vs. the “as flown” green track can be due to changing weather, traffic, mood of the local ATC, pilot request, change in airport runway and approach, etc., etc. between the time the flight plan is filed and the flight is actually completed.

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OK, thanks much to both of you guys for the quick response.


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