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Understanding the FlightAware Maps

Can someone explain what the light broken line is that sometimes deviates from a plane’s actual flight path is on the FlightAware flight map.

A screenshot would be helpful

I do not see lines on the map which does not have an explanation

The dashed line is the flight’s filed/planned route and is shown when we have that data available.

That’s the Wall to keep out the white-walkers.

Some people just call it the border with Canada :slight_smile:

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The dashed blue line is the intended flight plan route.

The green line is where it actually went as tracked by reception of the ADS-B transmissions from the aircraft.

Thank you So it looks like the flight plan sent it into Canada?

LOL. but talking about the broken line that looks like the flight plan that leads into Canada

so they planned to fly to Canada, do a loop and redirect to PQI? any other plausible reason? Thank you

You can file a wrong flightplan…

The dashed line starts again when the plane is flying in the right direction, not sure if you can file a new plan flight?

Sorry, that line indeed doesn’t have anything to do with Canada :slight_smile:

That is the flight plan route, but it seems the flightaware systems didn’t properly spool it up like they normally do.

Also looking at the flight plan, this loop to the right isn’t included.
So somehow the predicted route was adjusted to the actual course, but not removed.

The reason for the loop was most likely that they were a little high or ATC was delaying them for another flight?
I don’t know.

dont know, but they are THE flight into PQI