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Blue dashed lines on Flight Aware maps

OK - I get this from the FAQ:

***"What, exactly, is represented by the flight route line on a FlightAware map?**The solid line displayed on a FlightAware map is a connected series of points between every position report received for that aircraft. Generally, we receive a position every 15-60 seconds.

The dashed line is the planned route of flight per air traffic control. Often times, a flight will deviate from the planned route due to weather, shortcuts, traffic, or other operational factors."*

My question is about the blue dashed line that appears to represent the filed routes. It frequently contains kinks, side steps and zigzags at the approaches to airports that I can’t correlate to what I file or to what airlines file. I have tried seeing if some of these zig-zags on the approach to airports represent procedures but they definitely don’t seem to.

What’s going on?



An example of what you are seeing and want to know about would help immensely.

I’ve seen it several times an filed it under BFD… Seems that there are some fixes that are inserted that result in things like sharp 180s after departure and such that don’t make alot of sense.