Watch SKB777 tonight



If it diverts, it’s b/c it’s kicking my wife, 5 kids, babysitter, and me off.

Yes todays the day, taking all 5 kids on an airplane. Did I mention one is severely autistic.


You think it’s actually going to depart with y’all onboard?!? Nah, chances for a diversion are pretty slim - it’ll just be about 15-20 minutes late (as long as it takes to offload the luggage). :smiling_imp:

Just kidding, Lear! Hope y’all have a great time down south!


I hate to pry, but I was just curious if ya’ll are coming to Gulfport on vacation or visiting family? Either way, be sure and bring the sinus medicine. Every kind of plant you can imagine is blooming right now, and the pollen pods on the pine trees are in full force. I hope you enjoy our great state.



Yes, yes you did and our thoughts are with you.

Even with only three rugrats my wife and I often flew separately in order to spread out the loss risk and not put all our eggs in one basket as it were.

But, we were blessed with three hale and hearty offspring and could freely beat them as required to maintain order. :wink:


Flew separately?? Thats kind of paranoid, don’t ya think?


Oh, and leardvr, How did it go?


What’s wrong with healthy paranoia? There was a period of time in the late 70s to early 80s where it seemed every other week you read about some family or board of directors or senior company management that were wiped out en masse in a single plane crash.

It made Mama-san happy during this period to split the family up on flights and road trips and, when Mama-san is happy, everybody is happy!


Nothing wrong, I was just surprised by your statement. I would have never thought of it in those terms.


Well, apparently THE FLIGHT departed on schedule and did not divert! Congrats leardvr!