G5 Flight path for today 02-06-07


I have benn watching this flight all day long, and it turns out there test flight they spelled “GV” in the sky.Has anyone else seen this before??..I dont know how to post the flightaware page or i would link it…sorry im a newbie The flight number is GLF17…


Just copy and paste the URL for the flight’s lookup page:



Thanks for the tip, like I said im a newbie at posting on here. And also thank you for posting the link .


That’s one of the coolest tracks I’ve seen here. :slight_smile:


No problema, welcome to the Asylum.


That is awesome. I thought about doing it a while back with my name in cursive, but that’s awesome. One of the largest letters ever made!


digg.com/space/Gulfstream_Test_F … _8h_Flight


Now that’s cool. Looking at it a little, it really wouldn’t be that hard to do. Plot all the points on a map transfer that to the FMS and away you go. 8.5 hours though, hey it’s only money. Al Gore will be mad though :unamused:


The main reason for such a LONG flight is the aircraft probably just came out of the completion center. They do this to make sure EVERYTHING is working and that simple things as the booze cabinet will still open after the aircraft has been cold soaked at altitude for hours so the boss can have the scotch and water. They also look for any interior problems that might be caused by the cold altitude and that the heating system will keep everybody warm too.


They actually do quite a bit of testing if you have an airband scanner they use the callsign “gulftest” or “gulfstream test”,living in the southeast they fly around here quite a bit and ive caught 5 of their test flights.


I was on a flight like this in a G4 after they updated some engine modules. They needed to check out engine performance in several flight regimes. Note the altitude changes.


Definitely a cool flight track.

The historical link is

This is one time I’d love to see a NavAid overlay on the flight map. This part of the flight plan – PUB DVV RLG DVV PUB – must have created the lower right portion of the “G”.

Can you imagine if ATC had not cleared their route “as filed”?!


I like the procedure turn they did in the G. I wonder who that this up? I’m not going to do it in a CE560XL if it took 8.5 to spell G5 :open_mouth: :smiley:


Yea, I know there’s a cookie. I stole the image from another forum user.


That’s cool. Never even thought about using actual navaids, I assumed:oops: they used Lat/Long. You are the man. Your dad’s gonna be proud. :wink:


I always am.

(That’ll embarrass him!) :laughing:



Is that what it’s called when another forum refers to what you have in yours?

FlightAware’s coverage of this G5 flight is referred to here.

Airline nerd story alert:

Gulfstream did an 8 hour test of one of its Gulfstream V aircraft today solely (?) so it could form a flight track across 11 states in the shape of “GV,” the initials for the Gulfstream V. That will make more sense if you look here.

Thanks, as always, to GloomyJoe for that one.

[Note the embedded link in the second paragraph of the Quote.]


“Pat Back”

That’s what it’s called when daddy’s proud of Junior. Is he embarrassed yet? This is fun. :smiling_imp: :wink:

That’s an awesome flight track. I bet they were trampling over each other when they landed to see who could get to a computer first to see the flight they just flew.


Oh yeah im sure they were…it is kind of wierd to see the coverage somewhere else. I thought they were just out on a long flight as i was tracking it until they made the G. Thats when i knew something was up…sorry for making a big deal out of nothing…I`M A NEWBIE…thanks for the great replies folks