Gulfstream Test Flight


Pretty long flight to check the aircraft… … /KSAV/KSAV


Every once in a while they will traverse quite aways out ive had them come over me westbound and go all the way to Arkansas before they turn and head back inbound to Savannah.


How many staff-hours/taxpayer dollars went into managing the air traffic contol over this flight?


Thats why they are there. So those of us that want to deplete the worlds supply of jet fuel can do so when we want and where we want.


Isn’t the purpose of air traffic control to control air traffic, whether it’s a local flight or a long distance flight?

I don’t see anything wrong with this. Grumman pays taxes both in general and specifically for air traffic control. They are entitled to use what they pay for.


Probably the same amount of money that it would take to oversee a single engine plane like I fly.

The size of the blip is the same to ATC whether it’s a Cub or a 747.



Assuming you leave your residence for work, pleasure, treatment, etc… I wonder how many staff-hours/taxpayer dollars go into the transportation systems you utilize. :unamused:


At FL 430 450 and 470, ATC had a pretty easy time with this one I would guess.


Can anyone remember / have a link to the Gulfstream flight that spelled out " G " " V " ? It was done in the midwest six months ago or so.

#10 … /KATW/KATW