Anyone know reason for this flight?


I just happened to come across this G-5 that showed its departure and destination both Appelton WI, KATW. Do you think its a test flight or training. Just curious if anyone had any idea. … rivaltime=


test flight

#3 … rivaltime=

Yeah I’m thinking a test flight for MX, could be training too, looks like they used particular VORS as the boundaries, (DLH MSP etc) so probably needed a certain amount of distance or time, and used those waypoints that just happened to enclose WI in a box.


No, no , no… Someone felt like taking their $50 mil airplane out to fly a big box around Wisconson…Test flight? Really now

Check out the flight a couple of days prior! Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… … /KATW/KATW


It’s a Completions Cold Soak test flight. Gulfstream has a large cabin completions facility at ATW…along with a GDAS service center.


You’re all wrong.

Jet-A got cheaper this week… :wink:


Hey…that means P. Diddy-Dumb-Sh** can afford his own airplane again. :unamused:


It’s a maintenance test flight . . . there’s a Gulfstream maintenance base at ATW. The remarks on the flight strips usually say “MX FLIGHT”, which give it away that’s it’s a maintenance flight.


Looks like a Hammer hatchet thing with a broken wooden handle…