mystery jet over Gainesville, Florida?

Tonight while leaving a restaurant with a friend, we spotted some pretty odd activity: a twin-engine business jet (probably a Gulfstream G-V but couldn’t tell for the distance). It circled very widely, then in tight loops, dove, appeared to prepare for an approach but not in the direction to KGNV (and we have no other regional airport that could have taken it, either, due north of Gainesville), then circled back. The tight loops it was doing make me think of testbed work, but I could be wrong as I am a helicopter guy and don’t know that much about testing work for either avionics or powerplant on fixed-wing.

No flights, at least none IFR, in or out of KGNV for the time frame (20:50 to around 21:20 on 10 June 2010) match this flight at all. There was one twin-engine jet in and out of KGNV around that time, a Citation 500, but it was a lifeguard flight and I doubt it would be wasting time like this. Plus, the wings really looked like a Gulfstream, winglets and all. Any thoughts?

May have been NASA’s Gulfstream that is outfitted to simulate shuttle reentry.

Could be! And that would be awesome had it been! :astonished:

I flew over KGNV that day but at about 7:30pm and 4,000, we had some crazy vectors due to holding traffic heading into ATL (they had shut the airport down do to weather).
Before flying over KGNV we flew over Toccoa and Currahee MT.