Any info on N385PD?

Guys have any information on this GIV, N385PD? I know it’s based at KLGB and I think it’s a charter company called Air Rutter. I just wanted to know if anyone in particular has flown on this one. A few months ago I saw it going to Iceland outta Van Nuys which is kinda a wierd one :slight_smile:

So any info on N385PD?

Note that the aircraft was shown to have stayed in Iceland for several days. It was most likely a stopping point on an overseas trip. Or the passengers wanted to see Iceland, either one.

I show it to be owned by Pelican Development out of Rolling Hills, CA. Gulfstream GIV, s/n 1088

Real Estate development company. The owner does a lot of speaking to different builders & real estate companies. Does a LOT of speaking by looking at his past flights!