SWEET flight patterns


Ive been noticing more and more “artistic” flights. Especially this G5 that wrote GV in the sky… im sure there are plenty more out there!

flightaware.com/live/flight/GLF1 … /KSAV/KSAV


You can see others at discussions.flightaware.com/view … 6436#46436


The Gulfstream boys did it again huh?

I’m still waiting for Allen’s big ‘A’ over Mississippi.



Probably won’t happen this weekend but I am going to do it.

forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.ph … 6&site=jan

Too much real estate and warm moist air to cover / go through and not expect t’storms to pop… Things started popping early then normal today and would hate to have to squiggle the legs of the A due to deviations.

I am looking at a round robin to KTUP though on Friday (Two hours or so round trip) and will try again filing online. Will post to the tracking other members thread if I file it.

flightaware.com/resources/airpor … RWY+36/pdf

Figure MBO GAGYE MBO should work this go round in DUAT


As are we all!