Nike G-V circling Portland w/ landing gear probs


Track N225GV. This is the trouble aircraft.




He’s making quite a spaghetti noodle on the tracker!


Very Anticlimactic!!! Great news for the Gulf Techs and for Nike!


Look at the time he spent flying - over 6 hours! That’s a long time to burn off the fuel but I guess if the landing gear was down he couldn’t fly faster in order to burn off the fuel faster.


Fantastic job with the animated flight track!!! [requires QuickTime]


Shows how much confidence they have in the aircraft; They just did a flight from KHIO to KLGB, but filed to KLAX in case they needed a long runway.


I was going to ask how you knew that, but when I checked the flight log, I saw a KHIO/KLAX flight plan with the notation “Diverted”. N225GV shows three diverted flight plans. I’ve never seen “Diverted” for any other aircraft. It must be something new for FlightAware.


Check many of the flights going into Nashville today with tornado warnings in the area…


Glad someone noticed it. We added diversion notices a little over a week ago.


Hmmmm… Interesting! Potentially a bit hard to interpret if you don’t look at multiple views.

Take today’s N68JY, Hope/Nashville. If you look at the aircraft log, there are two flight plans: Hope/Nashville (diverted), then Hope/Hope (arrived). The map shows a return leg to Hope, with no display of the KBNA location. It seems quite clear that the plane couldn’t land at Nashville and returned home.

Now look at airport activity for KBNA. It shows N68JY arrived at 4:04 PM CST. Hope Airport (M18) shows the plane landed at 4:32 PM CST.

So where did that arrival in Nashville come from??? Wouldn’t the Nashville arrival more correctly say “Diverted”???


Hm, well, it’s a moot point now, as they’ve re-filed to KBNA, which I believe cleared that previous entry from the KBNA pages as I can’t find it now.


Is there a way to add cancellation notices? What happens when a commercial flight is cancelled, or an airport has numerous cancellations due to winter storms?

Do the flights continue to show as “scheduled” with their original departure times listed? Do they remain “scheduled” until their flight plans are withdrawn and then do they simply disappear from the system?


If a commercial flight is cancelled, sometimes we’ll never receive a flight plan. Other times the plan will stay as scheduled and be expunged about a day later. If an airport has having massive cancellations due to storms, those flights will probably never have plans filed for them.


Ok, then I understand if a flight plan is never filed, the flight simply does not exist in the FlightAware framework. If KORD has a major winter storm and 90% of its flights are cancelled without filing flight plans, then we see only 10% of normal activity, but to the uninitiated, the airport will appear to be “normal”.

Do you have enough statistical evidence, by airport, time, and day of week, to know what a “normal” activity level is? From this, could you install an “activity percentage gauge (vs ‘normal’)” for each of the four windows on an airport tracking screen?


In my opinion, the graphs have been doing a good job of showing any atypical drops or spikes in activity. This has been seen when an airport is being hit by a storm or affected by some significant event.


Is there a way to integrate a diversion search?


Could you be more specific? Searching by airport/region? Or by airline? Or just a big list of the last 100 diversions?


Particularily in the airport field would be nice. Weather in MSP causes so many diversions and it’s hard to find them on other flight trackers because the tracker doesn’t know what to label them as.


We’ve added a list of diversions away from an airport as an enhancement in our bug tracking system (open to the public) so you can track our progress.