New "DirectFlight" forum?


What’s the new “DirectFlight” all about Daniel? No message in the “Announcements” forum.


The good news is that it’ll be announced this month. 8)

The bad news is that there’s no “lips are sealed” emoticon on our discussion forums. :frowning:


Can we guess!? :slight_smile:


Of course you’re welcome to guess.


James, I was going to bite on this one earlier, but I figured I’d wait for the announcement…Why the hell did I just post this??


Ennui is so sad in one so young.


Ya, I’m surprized about no post in the Announcements forum. I wonder if it’s on flight routings. Hmmmmm logical. The forum is for those who wine,“Why did Tag 576 take the long way?”


The link that Daniel posted in the DirectFlight forum is broken. Was the press release withdrawn? What happened?


Fixed, sorry.


Thanks, Daniel.

Now that I’ve read the press release, one question comes to mind:

If one is not a programmer and not an FBO operator, how will DirectFlight enhance the FA experience of the hobbyists like me?


Hopefully somebody will be generous enough to freeware or open source their programming code would be my guess.



Yeah, exactly, you’ll likely have lots more choices for flight tracking applications.


What day and time is the forum “open” to posting? Is it Oct 1st 00:00:01? When?


We had a slight delay that was compounded by having nearly a dozen of us at NBAA – should all be very soon.