Coming soon . . .


I just noticed the “Coming Soon . . .” forum that appeared on the discussions page. It is to be released October 6 at the NBAA Convention. Any ideas as to what it might be? My guess: non-aviation - a banter forum instead of banter thread. But the fact that it is NBAA related might suggest an aviation theme.


The forum will be about a new aviation product we’re releasing next week. The announcement is about the product and the forum is for conversation resulting from it.


The ‘all Hobbes all the time’ forum?


Trip Reports?!?


My guess is that it’s going to be a logbook type of product.


I agree. Something to do with reporting people’s flying whether it be logbooks or reports of your trips or a combination. The suspense!!


I know what I’ll be doing eight AM Monday.


Besides pilot logs, something like … ightmemory )


The forum will be about a new aviation product we’re releasing next week.

Are we getting into the realms of a pay-for-enhanced-service??



You’ve flown on some of the long gone, classic airlines, I see.


Such a thing wouldn’t surprise, or bother me. FlightAware doesn’t seem to have much advertising, so money has to come from somewhere. Actually, commercial services are available now for purchase, but they are based around the number of watchable aircraft and airports, and flight alerts, if I recall correctly.


Nope. We refer to different parts of the web site as products, though, which may be the confusion.


I’ll toss my thoughts / guesses in the hat on “what’s to come” new products from FAQ’s.

Zoomable maps
Animated maps


Wouldn’t that be great?


Or even zoomable AND animated maps, including weather radar…
Can you say “server space?” 8)


You guys are all wrong…

Printable drink coupons for all airlines courtesy of the FlightAware crew. That is just the start. Down the road will be free upgrades, coupons to wave the baggage fees, and even mileage rewards.


Hey, I think you may have something here.

Even better yet, maybe what’s coming soon is a flight tracker for your baggage for when you part ways!!


“Report your airline misery’s”


I think that I should have posted this in “Feature Requests and Ideas”. I like some of your suggestions. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


“Boating; talk about recent news in the shipping industry”… or we could just stick to flying.