New FlightAware Forum

Welcome to “Aviation News,” the newest FlightAware forum. We’ve had a few requests for this forum and I think it’s valuable to be able to have a general news area for discussing headlines & the future of aviation rather than trying to pigeon-hole each headline into one of the specific categories such as GA, Charter, or Airline.

I don’t think it’s necessary for this to be a play-by-play on airline financial situations or other topics that are covered ad nauseam elsewhere. However, there’s a lot of content covered by aviation sources such as AVweb and Aviation Week as well as aviation organizations such as NBAA and AOPA that could be interesting for linking and discussion here.

@dbaker: Maybe you could remove some of the ancient threads. Some haven’t had a post in over a year.

The topics are ordered by activity, so you should be able to quickly glance and see the most recent ones that are active. As far as posts from a year ago, this forum is only a couple months old and the whole site hasn’t been around a year yet.