flightaware idea


hi i have just got to no about this website and think it is really cool but i was surprised that it is just america now i live in manchester england and thought as an idea that it would be good to do maybe world flights u no from like england to america canada to germany etc. what do u guys think ???


Check out the FAQs. FA can’t do that. To make the explanation REAL easy, use the search feature and you will find that this has been discussed and answered multiple times (each a little differently, but still all good answers)


Obviously in Manchester there is a severe lack of punctuation and upper case letters.

Pika’s right - sure wish people would stop being lazy and read the frigging FAQ’s and look through the forum before posting. I do it whenever I go to a new site - why can anyone else?

Unlike many sites, the FlightAware’s FAQs (called “Questions/Answers” and available at the top right of every page) is very good.

I know some will complain because of what Pika, I, and others say about checking the FAQs but, dammit, it gets might frustrating to see the same questions asked all the time.


I apologize for my fellow Brit’s total lack of literacy skills (we are not all that uneducated) but it would be good if FlightAware could track the NAT’s all the way. Seems to cut off at the Gander/Shanwick interface.

Once a UK entry point is reached we can track the flight from there but it would be good if FlightAware could do the tracking to that entry point.

(Talking of NATs reminds me of something else. I will post it separately as “Filed Flightplan”).




We often see them all the way to 30W, but that’s as far as it goes.
The UK authorities do have a traffic feed available, unfortunately only users who pay nav fees can access it and the paperwork is extensive.


Thanks for reply. Just thought I would ask.