Flight Alert content

Hi Guys,

I have been looking at FlightAware for some time and have as of today started testing it’s functionality to determine if it can be useful for my line of work. I am an Independent Corporate Travel Consultant, providing service and assistance to Executive type business travellers with complicated flight itinerary needs.

I offer a service that is tailored to each individual which require the ability to always be one step ahead of their travels. I have been searching for a tracking tool that is reliable and has the ability to allow me, as a two man company to use without having to involve GDS and pay per flight segment. Are there any other Travel Industry users that use FA to track multiple clients at the same time?. I would love to hear and get advise that will assist me in making a decision.

1st idea I have noticed. When entering a new flight alert, it would be awesome if there was a way to “name” the Alert " Tom Hardy IST trip" so it would be easy to identify for whom it is for.

Cheers !