The idea of FlightAware improvement


I think that it would be excellent if FlightAware could track also flights outside US. I believe that I am not the only one who’d be very glad if there was such an option on FlightAware.


Oh dear…you had better check some of the previous forum discussions we have had on this subject (use the search feature) Our inhouse “forum police” will get you momentarily (I’m kidding guys :laughing: you know who you are) At any rate, other countries don’t play well or share well with others and that’s the main reason we don’t get that info now, and probably won’t in the near future. Check your individual planes that you track though, because in some cases FA does manage to track them to and from the U.S. from “nearby” countries.


Thanks for your interest. skyhigh is right and we regularly consider how lucky we are that the US fosters innovation and freedom of information to allow services like FlightAware. It’s very rare in the world to have such openness and the promotion of capitalism.


…and i hope that “openess and promotion of capitalism” in your country doesnt lead to too much openess about flight tracking and more CEO’s thinking “Chuck, we better get our number blocked!!”

You are very lucky with your openess and freedom of information - enjoy!
Oh yes, international flights done to death in other topics, a quick search should reveal.