Airports around the world

Hello everyone,
I have been looking in the forums for quite a while but i could not find anything like this, so i decided to post this up. I am not sure if FlightAware is doing this on purpose or if there is another site like this one( which i very much doubt about) that has airports around the world and not only in America. Being in Europe its still interesting tracking flights but its not that amazing looking at airports that are Kilometers away.
If anyone knows of a site as good as FlightAware for tracking European flights and has as much information about airports in Europe I will be happy if they shared it, if no-one knows any other website, then why doesn’t FlightAware expand around the world as well…
I know it is a difficult process but is it ever going to happen?

The problem with expanding around the world, as implied in the Questions/Answer (this link is available at the top right of every page here) is that other countries aren’t as willing to allow air traffic data to be disseminated to private companies.