leaking data?

For our European readers particularly:
A nice quirk noted on some of the UK airfields, scheduled departure info shows some inter European flights. Sadly if you click ‘more’ it reverts to transatlantic flights only. :frowning:

Serious point is: Is the data normally available from a ‘source’ and surpressed by FA and is it, as I suspect, a service that is available to *Bona **Fide *users for a cost??

Thx IN (UK)

Hmm… discussions.flightaware.com/view … 2295#82295

Stick around to see what happens.

Hey, Mark. Next time, could you be a little MORE vague? :smiley:

Err…not sure I got the meaning of Marks posting either? Maybe a comment on FA getting international tracking or highlighting major airlines having trackable websites??
Possible wrong posting link??
I’m sticking around (and hope the CAA one day see sense and re-allow UK atc data to be available - happened once before…)


I don’t get it!!

I THINK I am starting to figure out what he is getting at.