I still remember the L-1011 - I recall before RJ’s hopping on an L-1011 (1985) to fly from KORD and fly only to KDEN. Those flights would often be only 2/3’s full, and I was still in college but was keen to think that the airline I was flying on (TWA) had to be losing money. I flew this quite often and would fly onto KSFO after re-fueling in KDEN. Anyway, I’m at work today and not really being very productive. But, we all have those days.

Hope your all have a great week so far.


I miss the L10, and even on shorter flights than you described. How about (Eastern) ATL>DAB, ATL>MCO, ATL>TPA.
And on Delta, ATL>TYS for a short while! 25 minutes in the air. ATL>ORD amd ATL>MCO were common. I remember DL and EA both flying many L10s every day from ATL>MCO. I imagine they were nowhere near full at times.

TW had one JFK-LAX trip that continued to SAN, then did a quick turn onto the reverse route; on the east coast one of the SFO-JFK trips tagged on a JFK-BOS leg

EA had several ATL-SEA trips with a similar continuation to/from PDX

L10/L15 were some of my absolute favorite aircraft