Lockheed L-1011 at MSP?


On my way to school i drive by MSP everyday. I always see A320’s and 757’s but last monday i saw a Tri- Star sitting at an apron across from a NW hanger. What was a Tri- Star doing at MSP?

Thanks for the help.



More details, please. Colors? Any titles?

I couldn’t find any L-1011’s at MSP in FlightAware for the past few days. Are you sure it wasn’t a DC-10 or a MD-11? (Not doubting you that it was an L-1011. It’s just that it is easy to mistake the L-1011 for a DC10/MD11.)


It was solid gray with no titles or anything on the tail. The upper intake was different than a MD-11 or a DC-10. It would have been a week ago or so. Im 99.9 precent sure it was a tri- star.


Able to get a registration number?



I wish, I was in my car and I was too consumed by seeing that bird. It was where the Kalitta 747-100’s were during the national convention. Im pretty sure it was a military plane and growing up near MSP im positive it was not a DC-10.


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That would be the one. But why was it in MSP?


Bump. This is an interesting thread that should be looked at.


Nice work Dami, that was my guess. Maybe they were moving troops or equipment around.


Thats what i thought too. I just don’t think of Minneapolis/ St. Paul as a big area that would need troops or equipment especially from across the pond.


The RAF uses the L-1011 as a tanker in addition to carrying cargo and troops.

Is there a Air National Guard unit at MSP? Perhaps they may have been training with them.


Volk field hosts E3 AWACS; US, NATO & RAF varieties. The RAF brings their own kits with 'em…full ramp at Volk might bump acft elsewhere. Other poss is en route refueling for units on their way to Nellis AFB or Falon NAS


The 934th Airlift Wing


According to this thread, MSP is a regular fuel stop and place for them to clear customs.

airliners.net/aviation-forum … ain/98240/