2 Antonov AN 124's at MSP 8-29 Takeoff 8-30


I’m new to this website/msg board. Noticed when I went to drop my folks off at the MSP airport in Bloomington MN there were two hige AN 124’s parked by Delta’s main hangar. Anyone follow their schedule or know what they were delivering/picking up?

I’m in the trucking industry and large cargo always fascinates me.



Are you saying they’re both still there? Not sure what the dates in your thread title mean.

Here’s another thread about the Antonovs at MSP.
discussions.flightaware.com/view … hp?t=11943


Nope, they are gone. I spotted them Sunday 8/29 around 1700 and when I was at work (in Eagan MN) a co-worker said he heard this really loud plane, louder than the normal ones that take off from MSP, when I showed him a picture online, he said…“Yep, that was what I saw” and he saw it take off around 7:30am 8/30. Thanks for the link. I’ll navigate my way around here in due time.


on 11-10-10 at approximately 0645 i saw one of these big birds going round and round my city. i thought it was dumping to come in for an emergency landing. we only see planes this big around here when there is an airshow. anyways i tracked the flight… it originated in st. paul minnesota and landed at naval air facility el centro, california. there was three of these planes landing on that date. i only saw one. on 11-11-10 around noon i saw two apache longbows which is also weird since there are no army bases around here. hmm, something weird is going on. haha


Volga-Dnepr routinely operates the Antonovs to move military cargo (usually helicopters) and spacecraft parts within the US. You can find the dates and contents from the DOT OST Docket since they need an exemption for every revenue flight.