Antonov into MSP


Does anyone have the background of this flight flying from Goose Bay to Minneapolis? My guess it’s a 124.


It looks like its an AN-124. This photo was uploaded within the hour of one loading airplanes into it in Goose Bay.


This flight was chartered by the owner of a Gannet aircraft that arrived Goose Bay on 18Jul2004. It went mechanical and there were some legal issues surrounding the ownership. That has been resolved and the Gannet was loaded on this AN124 headed to Minneapolis.


I’ve been keeping a look out for any word on the 225 coming over again to CLT. I think the turbines were supposed to be fixed by October.


The legal wrangling over this Gannet has been going on for years. I’m surprised to see it going back to Minnesota as the last I heard the British ‘owner’ had obtained clear title. Apparently not.

A bit more here: … php?id=193


In addition to the Antonov 124 into MSP around 5pm on 9-29-2010, one arrived about 7:30am the same day. I live in St. Louis Park and got excellent views as they came over. Very cool.


Wow. Looks like it came from Cape Verde. … /GVAC/KMSP

That seems like quite a coincidence. Is there a flight from MSP to Goose Bay later on Sunday?


I saw both AN 124’s parked Sunday 8/29 around 1700. A coworker of mine saw one of them take off Monday AM around 7:30 8/30.