Rare Bird: a 747 just landed in Manchester NH

NWA9995 landed at KMHT today - not a regular schedule flight, not a divert, far as I can tell, and it was a 747-200. Very rare to have any 747 at KMHT, the last one was AF1. Anybody know what the agenda is for this flight? History looks like a slow tour of the US, including some AFB’s…Info please…? (I only learned of this when it flew over my fiance’s house in the normal approach angle for RWY 35…!)

Probly taking troops home, or more to Iraq. We had a charter 747 from delta fly here into EUG dropping off a couple hundred Oregon National Guard troops a few months ago.

That would be my guess

Looks like Northwest uses 9995 as a flight number for military charters.


Looking at other flights, it appears NWA uses 9993 through 9999 for military charters

the 747 left KMHT for Indy at 5:15 pm under NWA9815. Thanks for solving the mystery – that explanation makes sense considering the history of all the NWA9xxx flights.

American, Delta/Northwest, United, and US Airways all use flight numbers in the 9xxx series for their charter, maintenance, and ferry flights. Continental is a little different - the use flights in 19xx series. Southwest uses both 9xxx and 8xxx. Their military charters all begin with 8.

i also caught the northwest 747 coming into manchester. right place at the right time!! I drove to the back of the airport and got some pics and a video of it taking off. It’s the coolest thing to see since the FEDEX DC-10 arrivals every sat evening.