AN-124 on its way to KMLB? … /EGPK/KMLB

Due to arrive in less than 1.5 hours.

Always fun to have those birds in town… Especially the -225!

it’s scheduled to leave for Frankfurt at 17:10 EST. … /KMLB/EDFH

I noticed a lot of -124 activity in/over North America over the past 72 hours.
It can’t be all xmas gifts?

I’m really curious as to what was on there. Does anyone know?

Often it is large items such as generators and oil rig equipment. The USA military also uses the 124s to transport large vehicles overseas.

Many of the domestic USA flights are in support of the space program transporting satellites and launchers. Each of these flights must be done on an exemption from the Department of Transportation.

Thanks for that. Why not use C-5’s?

C-5s are MAC birds…Military Airlift Command. If damiross is right…about space rigging or satellites etc…then it would make sense since Nasa or a private entity would be footing the bill. And it now makes sense to ME, the area where they landed. MLB…which is very close to Titusville and the surrounding areas that is rich with government contractors. Just my guess.

Not enough aircraft! The Air Force is strained to it’s limit supporting the two current operations. They are depending heavily on civilian cargo and passenger airlift to supplement the USAF fleet.


Another very good reason.

There may also be military equipment that is just too large for even the C5 and C17.

Another reason? The Russian’s can do it for alot cheaper than it takes to use the C-5’s. Those C-5’s live in the hangar.

(Remember “FRED”?) Fantastically Ridiculous Economic Disaster
(and we all know what the “F” really stands for)

Dami is right just now VDA 4400 landed at KHSV(Home to Marshall Space Flight Center) and a nearby rocket building plant which builds Aries 2 and now Aries 5 rockets,last time one of them came into Huntsville,they had to move the rocket overnight to avoid all the traffic and tieups moving it to the airport,which is about 15 miles away from the plant.So i don’t look for him to leave until sometime tomorrow or early am.They are just too big for either C-5 or C-17 to carry anyway,now if it is very sensitive equipment,than the military will move them as C-5 and C-17s visit Huntsville often.

I live down in South New Jersey and the C-5’s from Dover are up there all day long. Gotta use up the budget somehow.

So what’s in Abakan, Russia?

Permalink: … /UNAA/KCHS

Google be your friend:

The flight originates in UNAA. It could just be a tech stop on the way from someplace else to CHS.

In CHS, it’ll pick up a load of MRAP’s and start the cycle all over again. Christmas presents to our boys overseas.