An-124 at KBFI


Thanks to flightaware, I was able to be alerted to the impending arrival of a Volga-Dnepr An-124 flight to Boeing Field here in Seattle. I knew it was due around this part of the month due to their cabotage filing with the DOT, but I didn’t know the date or time.

Took my son (7) to the north end of the runway near Ruby Chow park and soon after she arrived. Just amazing. Another father/son pair was there who had also tracked its arrival with

It didn’t take 30 minutes for the crew on the ground to get the rear doors open to unload the 4 fully-assembled 777 engines on board (delivered from Columbus, OH).

1780x640 panorama (scaled from a stitch of 2):


Nice work on the photo!


nice shot… We should be expecting an AN-124 soon to pick up an Agusta that’s been going through some icing/deicing testing up here in the frozen tundra of Duluth, Minnesota. (KDLH) Keep an eye open!