Hatian Earthquake relief flights;

FlightAware Flight Tracker Hop-a-jet Lear 35 diverted yesterday from MTPP due to crowding, and ended up having to dump his fuel to make a landing at MKJP.

As MKJP Kingston was the site of the recent American Airlines accident, the emergency services in Jamaica apparently went a little over board when they heard a jet was circling dumping fuel.

Jamaica News


Toussaint Louverture International Airport Click Here Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

FlightAware MTPP for airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


Las Americas International Airport Click Here Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

FlightAware MDSDfor airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Note; many of the press have been arriving at MDSD and just driving to Haiti - I note 27 corporate jets arriving since the quake at MDSD.

wbur.org/npr/122599427 Aircraft has problems landing at MTPP.

Also a US military C130 en route to MTPP diverted to Homestead AFB when the fuselage filled with smoke, aircraft was seen parked on the runway at Homestead with smoke billowing out the doors.

Who makes this stuff up?

A U.S. government plane carrying medical personnel into Haiti was diverted to another Caribbean island Thursday night after getting caught in the backwash of a plane landing at the crowded Port-au-Prince airport.

NPR’s Joanne Silberner, who was on board the plane, said the incident caused the aircraft’s engine to stall, though the pilot managed to stabilize the situation

Frank Holbert

Anyone looking for a reputable fund to donate too,


Set up by President Clinton, and President Bush (43).

The UN suffered a unprecedented loss of life as well, with 36 dead and 160 missing.
startribune.com/world/816180 … anchO7DiUr

WTF? Dump fuel? If he took off from FXE no way he even had fuel in his tips left to dump.

I don’t buy it at all…

Considering it was a news release, from I’ll assume a non-aviation writer, who quoted the CEO of the Jamaican Airport Authority - I looked up his bio, he is highly educated - but no aviation background.

I’ll assume the Hop-a-Jet Lear had some sort of concern, but checking the airport info I see Kingston’s runway is 8.900 feet!!! So the dumping fuel I agree doesn’t make sense?

As for Hop-a-Jet - the late Harvey Hop’s old company (One of the founders of corporate air charter) - I understand they have donated the use of their Challenger Jets, and Learjets to fly medical staff and victims in and out of Haiti.

I note on FlightAware multiple Hop-a-Jet flights into the area.

Flyboy…have you transitioned thru cuban airspace yet? There was a squawk about medevacs being allowed overflights…wouldnt doing so shave a consideral amount of time insead of the inagua route?

Hmmm, I think I have the answer.

When I looked at the picture of the drone in* that *configuration…I immediately got the “flight of the valkyries” music in my head. Geez Frank…I was referring to a medevac corridor not a liberation. :laughing:

Yeah the procedure is squawk 2077 fly south to DANYL then contact Havana, then dir UMO dir DUNNO dir DEKAL it cuts 20min off the flight

But going back in you still have to go BYGON EASTP SOUTP

As you get in, are they still placing A/C in holding patterns or has that relieved itself a little since the onset? In reference to arriving MTTP, Read somewhere that they’re prioritizing arrivals…finally some common sense amid this crisis.

I did 3 turns in the hold at GANVI going into MTPP- the C-17 I almost smacked into was also holding there but decided to fly past GANVI when I was cleared for the approach.
You get a slot time and you need to be there within 20min of your time but that won’t mean you won’t hold.

I heard they had another earth quake. Were you down there, flyboy?


With FlightAware links - nice!!

No and I really don’t want to go back but I might have to on saturday

Hey Flyboy, have you been into MTCH yet? I may be going there on Saturday.

Yeah- only part of the runway is usable. There are cows on the field and people walking all over the place. Have fun and bring a pistol if you own one

Hmmm, that would be why our MD-11 went to Las Americas Airport (Punta Caucedo) rather than Haiti. We loaded up a planeload of relief supplies from World Vision last Sunday night in Denver.



Hmm, looking forward to it… Do you know how much is usable? NBAA was saying only the asphalt portion is usable, is that accurate? Thanks for your help, and I’ll pass along my experience.

A good story about the charitable work Fedex is doing - helping to get local supplies down there, since our AFB declined to ship this stuff. I know we’ve got a couple of you FX guys on here - good job! Stuff like this needs more publicity - there’s alot of cost Fedex absorbed helping out with this relief effort that goes unnoticed.

postandcourier.com/news/2010 … -to-fedex/