AN-225 Arriving Tonight 13OCT in MOB Alabama

The AN-225 will be arriving tonight in Mobile, Alabama (MOB) the arrival is scheduled for around 2300 local time.

It will be staying in MOB until Sunday or Monday.

Whoever is out there get some photos!

Clarification - Local time 11 PM tonight the 12th.

Actually coming to KBFM, according to (cough) FlightExplorer (cough).
ETA 2232.

Not to be outdone.


what is a plane this size doing in Mobile, AL.??

I just hope its next destination is a hop to KLCK… which means it’ll be tasked with flying more GE90’s to KBFI =)

(Boeing/ADB did mention the possibility in a DOT filing for October)

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Hauling rig equipment maybe?

There is a large aircraft overhaul and maintanence facility called Mobile Aerospace Engineering,that does work on several large aircraft so may have been bringing engines or other equipment needed for one of the repairs.

Possibly related? … an-225.htm

The reason the AN-225 came was to bring in 2 large drill heads. The cargo was very urgent and there was no AN-124 or other suitable aircraft available in the short time frame available. So the 225 was called upon to do this job.

Are you sure it was two drill heads? AFAIK the largest ones made (steerable Tricone diamond) only weigh about two tons.

It may not be the weight but the size. They could be too big for an aircraft smaller than than the AN124 or AN225. Could also be other equipment going with the drills.

Largest ones are 30" in diameter and you’re not likely to find one larger than 12" on an oil rig.

Doesn’t compute.

It does compute!

Aviation people=Wish to see world’s largest plane=An-225 flies into KXXX or wherever that place is.

He is my aircraft :wink:

Cargo was parts for cement production machinery weighing 25000kgs.

He is due to leave BFM tonight to back to Kiev…


Welcome to the forum. If there are any more An-225 flights to the US, please drop us a line. I’m sure there will be a lot of grateful people at whatever airport it lands at.


No problemo… :wink:

I was looking for local news articles/pictures on him and found this site by accident although I do use the flight tracker to keep tabs on our aircarft when flying in the States.

Hope for more news soon


so is it gone now? back in kiev?