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Mystery A-124 leaves Dulles

An Antonov 124 just left Dulles (I live two miles west of the East/West runway) and recognizing its characteristic sound I went outside and watched it make a gradual right turn to head Northwest.

Came back in and opened Flight Aware to see the destination and to my surprise not listed in KIAD activity or A-124 flight search.

Currently many flights are individual flights which are not recorded as regular flight.

I’ve seen several where FA only reports “Flight not found”
Checking other sites there are only 2 A124 in the air, but none over the US

Thank you. I have a great time airplane spotting. When they fly the heavies I can tell what time it is when I am in the basement.

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The open sky’s project I believe.

H-m-m. Thought provoking - that A-124 sure could hold a lot of spies. !!

An-124s aren’t usually used for Open Skies flights, and overflights are currently paused for COVID anyway, so I doubt that’s the reason it was at Dulles. Not that I have any better ideas.

THANKS. In any case fun to watch go by at low altitude.