AN-124 in my backyard?

Hey guys -

Just wondering why this flight shows up just in limbo slightly NE of CHS? I’ve seen it now for about 5 days in the same location. At first I thought it was just some kind of bug that would work itself out, but its location hasn’t moved since the weekend I don’t think. Curious as to what’s causing that.

And dami, I would put the permalink in, but I wouldn’t know which flight to tie it to and it really doesn’t matter - it’s not moving.

At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. Information on this page may be unreliable.


That’s what I was thinking for the first 2 or 3 days too. Seems like that’s long enough to either leave/return to the FA service area I’d think. Here’s a screenshot so you don’t have to go looking for what I’m talking about:

Gone now.

Hmm - For some reason, that jet’s still showing - at least on my computer. I don’t get it.

Have you hit refresh?

Yeah, I’ve hit refresh, used CCleaner to clean my cache - it’s been there for days. Surely you can see it too, right?

Yes sir…

Loooong flight :smiley: Wonder what the stall speed of that bad boy is!

Obviously a lot less than I would have imagined - ol “Air Sloth” hanging around up in Moncks Corner. I guess the “124” stands for 124 mm/hr.

FAA issue… they’re continuously broadcasting the same position for that flight.

Maybe they are testing out the AN-124’s new “Hover Mode”…

I figured it was some bug in the FAA system - I know you guys are just the messenger. It’s just struck me odd - I’ve noticed it for almost a week now I guess. No worries - maybe that’s where they actually are. Those Ruskies are invading Monck’s Corner!

Guess they’re just trying this on an AN-124:

When JATO’s Attack! USAF using all those JATO bottles and now there’s none left for poor Fat Albert. And I’ve always seen them for T/O, never seen them used for landings before. Great song - cool vid - never seen that one before. And it’d take more than a few of those things to get a 124 off the ground!

And it’d take more than a few of those things to get a 124 off the ground!

:laughing: I’d like to see a -225 hover… :smiley:


If the video link didn’t say, (I didn’t check it) look up “Operation Credible Sport”. Obviously the modifications were highly specialized and never actually used in theatre, but the goal was to get a C-130 down, and take back off inside a soccer stadium. No kidding.

It mentioned it, but here’s some links for those wanting to read more on the matter. … _Sport.htm

That’s just crazy! That one clip where the bottles are faced down and rearward and deployed about 5’ AGL is nuts. The first AF pilot to try something like that… I’m speechless, but I’d sure like to meet the guy.

From the wikipedia page you linked:
“The XFC-130H aircraft were modified by the installation of 30 rockets in multiple sets: eight forward-pointed ASROC rocket motors mounted around the forward fuselage to stop the aircraft, eight downward-pointed Shrike rockets fuselage-mounted above the wheel wells to brake its descent, eight rearward-pointed MK-56 rockets (from the US Navy’s RIM-66 Standard Missile) mounted on the lower rear fuselage for takeoff assist, two Shrikes mounted in pairs on wing pylons to correct yaw during takeoff transition, and two ASROCs mounted at the rear of the tail to prevent it from striking the ground from over-rotation.”

30 Rockets (in addition to 4 turboprops)?!? Awesome, insane and scary all rolled into one! You guys got me thinking - I’d like to see maybe a 172 mounted with just 2 JATO’s (mounted to a heavily reinforced fuselage that is). I wonder how many bottle rockets = 1 JATO bottle? :laughing: