AN124 to CHS 20/2



Specifically: VDA4717

Another AN-124 left CHS today as
VDA4756 to BGR. From there, it goes to EBLG (Liege, Belgium).


Unless there were two (and one slipped in inseen), it would have been the same one. But thanks for duplicating my link anyway.



I wasn’t really duplicating your link.

Your link is
My link is … /UWLW/KCHS

The difference doesn’t show up here because it was only one flight. However, if there more flights using the same flight number then my link would connect to the specific flight you were talking about while your link would show the latest flight.

Here’s an example
UAL956: shows the latest flight.
UAL56: … /KSAN/KSFO shows the flight for 24 Dec 07.

I encourage the use of specific flight URLs whenever available (obviously, they aren’t available before the flight departs) so that in the days, weeks, and months to come people will be able to hone in on the exact flight that you are talking about.

Just my $0.02 (adjusted for inflation: $222.22) worth.


I should have known better than try to out-dami dami.

May be I should have put the date in the topic. Oh, wait …


My mine point is not so much for the person looking at the posting today but looking at it in days or weeks later. In your case, yes, it was only one flight but what about a flight ID that has multiple flights in the course of a week or even a day? Even the flight ID you posted may someday come back to have a second flight.

Yes, the postings have a date - which may vary by a day due to the location and settings of individuals.

In the long run, it all boils down to common courtesy, which is sorely lacking in today’s world. When posting, keep your audience in mind. If giving a specific flight’s URL is better than just giving the generic URL, then give the specific flight’s URL. If you can help someone by telling him or her how to find the answer rather than giving it to him or her, then tell him or her how (e.g. “use the key words X, Y, and Z in Google”). If the grammar and/or spelling is so bad that you can’t understand it, then let the person know.

I realize I am Don Quixote in trying to get people to think of others when posting but, then again, I always seem to go after impossible dream.


Dami’s link links to the specific flight mentioned in the subject, and always will.

Pat’s link links to the current flight, or most recent flight if it is not flying. As Dami mentioned, at this time, Pat’s link works for now. But the next time VDA4717 flies, Pat’s link will NOT link to the flight in question.


Thanks, NeedleNose. You said it more distinctly than I did.



And exactly why anyone would be expecting a link in a clearly dated topic to refer to any other flight, past or future, escapes me I must confess.

Perhaps simple politeness is not my strong point though , in contrast to others here of course :smiling_imp:


Actually, the main benefit of putting the direct link that everybody seems to be missing is that eventually, in 4 months or so (charter members are a little longer), the date of flight will eventually drop off the tail number page.

Sooooo, it’s not so much a “courtesy” as you are right, no biggie to go to the tail number past history flights and click on the month / day in question but after time, if you don’t post the exact flight, it will no longer be viewable from the tail number past history page,

The direct link to the flight stays valid forever and a day even after it drops off the tail number past history page.

Good example would be



In the case of the An-124 flights, both Antonov and Polet rarely if ever repeat the same flight number in the same year. I haven’t found an example yet.

Maybe for security, maybe to prevent easy tracking to their target markets.


Proof that you don’t read fully the postings here, Allen. I said exactly what you are saying: “My mine point is not so much for the person looking at the posting today but looking at it in days or weeks later.” I didn’t specifically mention “months” but readers should get the idea.


My post had an intended shelf life of about 18 hours - a heads-up to anyone around CHS at the time. After which it became totally irrelevant.

Speaking of which…



Please show me where you said the flight would drop off the history page. You wont. You said nothing of the sorts.


Dayem, try to be nice and it doesn’t work!!!




Because most people who use FlightAware know that the flights will eventually drop off. Unlike some people, I don’t feel a need to put in every single detail into a posting. I let people use logic. They see that I say the can find the posting later. They know that the flights eventually drop off. Therefore they say “hey, if the flight dropped off, maybe I can use this link that was given and find it.” They do that and then they find the flight.

I don’t know why I’m replying to someone who thought, without looking, that a Douglas DC-3, first made in the 1930’s, was a jet. Gee!