Now I see it and then I don"t...

I have been tracking an acquaintance’s private jet and watched with shameless voyeurism(like most of you) then

all of a sudden, I can’t see it move anymore…

bummer, I guess it got blocked… :cry:

but then

now I could see it’s movements again (for a few flights)


now I can’t.

Its got a Kanuk tail number but interestingly the flights I did see when it came back for a few days were entirely within Canada.

So you more-than-Microsoft-Flight-Simulator guys (lol) what’s up with that?

Are you the cow news lunatic ?

Nope… Who’s that? Just joking around you know.

I’m curious about what happened. I’m speculating that the block the they might have put on is an FAA block and that is why FA might only see the Canadian flights.

But, if the flights originate from Canada or terminate in Canada why wouldn’t those flights show? I’m relatively sure the jet isn’t just parked and not in use.

BTW, I really enjoy coming here. I have been lurking for several months and only recently registered. Keep up the good work you mods and admins.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The joke must be on me. Who is that character?

here is the thread he started: … 3d207ff19e

and here is his fantastic website:

I have failed to find anything on his website that is factually inaccurate.

Spun? Certainly. Slanted? Absolutely. But I’ve yet to find him posting an untruth.

Oh my Gawd…

Definitely not my style. As a former admin on a forum I have seen my share of wackos and had to deal with them.

Some we kept around around just for entertainment value.

But in all seriousness why does this tail number disappear for 3 weeks and then appear for two flights and now has not been seen again for over a week.

I would put up the number but I don’t want to attract attention to myself. Any of you people want to PM me I will give it to you as long as you don’t put it out publicly.

If the subject aircraft is flying VFR without flight following it won’t be entered in the FAA flight system and therefore won’t be trackable on FA.

Is that what you mean by “disappear”? Some flight legs aren’t showing up in the track log?

Sometimes short duration/length flights aren’t reported to FA by the FAA even if they are IFR. Flights between two airports within a state will frequently result in the flight not being shown on FA.

Its a Cessna jet so I doubt it was flying VFR. This jet does a very routine group of flights of less than 200 nM but over mountains typically at 25,000