NetJets G200 gear up landing Newburgh NY May 27/11


FlightAware Flight Tracker N749QS

Aircraft was cleared to land at HPN - White Plains, NY - when the gear failed to deploy. G200 circled, did a flyby the tower - and diverted to Stewart Intl in Newburgh.

If anyone has any further info please post . . . … otostream/


With the lack of information available, I am assuming it was able to deploy gear and land safely?

Just my $0.02.


I think if things were okay he would have landed at HPN.

Pilot was asking for permission to do a gear up landing at HPN or JFK and was directed by New York Center to Stewart Intl. Airport in Newburgh.

I became aware of this when I was told a unknown G200 had been damaged in a landing at Newburgh - then realized the NetJets G200 had diverted there.

Either way - no injuries and the preliminary will be out after the long weekend.


Got it. Thanks. I didn’t realize you heard of an actual gear up landing. My apologies.

I am in the general area (Stamford, CT) and have not seen anything on the local news. I’ll be at HPN tomorrow. If I hear/see anything, I’ll let you know. Heck, if I get bored maybe I’ll take a drive to Newburgh. :slight_smile:


I’ll be VERY interested :open_mouth: to find out why the gear didn’t drop


I listened to him on approach to HPN - he was number one to land runway 34, his gear wouldn’t come down so he climbed to 2000 feet and circled the area.

He did a fly by the tower to confirm gear problem, and after 15 minutes diverted for landing at Stewart.

So I don’t know the outcome, however I’d received an email from a friend stating a G200 with hydraulic problems made an emergency landing around 09:30 yesterday - and had been damaged in the landing???

Maybe partial gear collapse?

By then he’d been flying for about 2 hours on a 1 1/2 hour flight, so I assume he couldn’t spend to much more time in the air??

Beyond that I’ve no idea what transpired, but I am curious!! Especially Galaxy/G200’s - you almost never hear of any problems . . .

Sometimes the most minor bizjet event turns up on the news, and sometimes a major incident gets skipped??


[quote=:bizjets101]By then he’d been flying for about 2 hours on a 1 1/2 hour flight, so I assume he couldn’t spend to much more time in the air??

They can stay in the air for 8+ hours with full fuel


:laughing: Not referring to G200 flight capabilities.

This aircraft had been parked in Savannah for 6 days - it then flew to Grenville (32 minutes) to pick up passengers to fly them to New York (92 minutes) where the flight was to terminate.

When cleared to land at HPN they had been airbourne for 2 hours and 4 minutes - then flew another 15 minutes before diverting to Stewart Intl.

I would surmise the aircraft had been fueled with the intent of flying to New York and legal reserves - and not much more. Not saying I’m correct nor commenting on time a fully fueled G200 can stay in the air. :laughing:

Incidentally - here is a NetJets EU Hawker that did a gear up back in February in Moscow.

CS-DRK Hawker 800XP


That’s just a G200 thing. Nothing to worry about!


Ended up being the right main gear - appears to have been down, but collapsed on landing.

Local News Video


Very strange incident for the G200, the Gear is a very simple design and is held up by hydraulics.
can’t wait to find out what caused this.