Italian Ar Force A319 at HPN

Landed at HPN (White Plains, NY) yesterday (6/18/2010), and parked away from the terminal, by a hanger, was an A319, with the title “Republicca Italiana” on it. These are VIP planes. The Italian AF has 3, which are used to transport notables. Anyone know why it was there?

The Italians are regular visitors. The Airbus has been in and out at least 3 times in the last week or so. Saw the Falcon on the ramp last week too.

For the G20 meeting in Toronto perhaps ?

Can’t think of any other reason why a MM helicopter would be over here.

G 20 is a good theory, but why would it be parked at a US airport, when those talks are all in Canada? They must have carried some people for additional meetigs in the NY area, which would figure, since the financial industry is concentrated there. If they have a Falcon, as well, you wonder why such a large aircraft?. I have seen, from time to time, major league ball club charter aircraft at HPN. Probably a lot more convenient than LGA, JFK, or Teterboro. Anyone know people who work the ramp at HPN? They’d have the scoop.

The talks don’t start until the 26th, so it would seem a bit premature. Anyway I misread the post - saw A319, read it as A109 :blush:

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