Fast single engine turbo prop

Yesterday afternoon for the second time I saw this aircraft flying south near K22 at about 5000’ under the overcast. He was really moving fast! I would estimate 350 knots. I saw it or a simular north bound the day before. I went to FA to see what it was, No Joy! It was low wing,and had rounded wingtips. I am thinking its one of those new military turboprop trainers. I would not think a GA aircraft at those speeds and in marginal weather would fly VFR. Any Ideas what it could have been?

BTW it looked to small to be a TBM or Palatis (sp)

T-6A … %3B29.html

PC-9 … tes-01.jpg

those are the only two i can think of

I’d hardly call 10 nm visibility and a 5000’ ceiling “marginal”. Hell, I’d be more than happy to fly a jet VFR in those conditions, much less a turboprop single. And, Will744, he estimated 350 kts…

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Apparently so if you were responding to will744

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I’d have taken 5000 as a report of severe clear the last three times I’ve gone out! I had 2300 last week and that was the best for the last 3 flights!

When I saw the mention of the T-6 (I defaulted to the North American T-6) and thought that fast and T-6 is an oxymoron, but yeah, the new Raytheon T-6 sounds like it might fit the description. That looks like a fun airplane to fly!

That would be funny to see a NA T-6 at 350 kts. :laughing:


Hence an ATIS that says “weather better then 5000 and 5”

And someone doing 350 at 5000 is going to get a speeding ticket in the mail- they have satellites that take your picture and you get a ticket in the mail- if you don’t believe me look at the thread with sat pics of AC

What’s the turbo prop that looks and sits like a P-51?

Glasair or is it Lancair has a turboprop too. Being really small they would look like they are going faster than they really are.

lancair IV p

I am just making sure, but are you sure it was a turbo-prop?

Let me put it this way. I have worked on and around aircraft as a commercial pilot , an A&P with a FAA inspection authorization for over 50 years. So yes I am sure it was a turboprop.
What qualification do you have to ask?

Turbo-prop it is. :slight_smile:

Holy crap! You’re OLD! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did it look like this?

or this?

fotos lifted from planephotoman on flickr.

As for me being old, You are only as old as you feel. and hang on you will be there before you know it!
and wazz thanks for trying, but for some reason I could not open the images?

My body already seems to think it’s much older than my brain! And just so you know, I respect the hell out of anyone who’s been involved in aviation for 50 years.

Hey Wazz, I’ll take one of each, Sherpa and T-6. Just put it on your credit card and I’ll pay you back. :wink:

That plane there that wazzu90 showed ain’t gonna be doing 350 KTS.