Turboprop plane unusual taxi

I recently saw a turboprop plane taxi after landing with it’s propellors at a complete standstill. How did it do this (and it wasn’t bc it used it’s speed from the landing to taxi)

Run up the APU? :laughing:

was there a tug hooked up to the front of the AC? :open_mouth:

40 knot tailwind.

I can tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

Eyes shutter speed to fast?

This was in person that you saw this?

Id have to go with shutter speed, cameras can be deceiving

right! In my photo book I have a sequence from the the nose a an SF340 on final. I used a very fast shutter speed and obviously the props are completely stopped. When I show someone the photos that is unfamilar with the science of it, they get a bit disturbed, and there’s many more on the aircraft photo sites and such. You also have the horizontal lines created inside the cabin when shooting out towards the props sometimes.

You said turbo prop right? Was it a twin? If it was, it was more likely a King Air 200. Theres a small 3/8 ID aluminum tube coming from the cockpit thru the fuselage coming out just underneath the rudder. Pilot shuts down props and blows thru this tube creating enough thrust to taxi at about 5kts, conserving fuel.

:laughing: I have a few more :laughing:

I can remember way back when, when the tug was broke down, about 4 of us would push a Swearingin Metro out of the hangar! Wish we had blow thrust technology in those days!

what did you push on the landing gear?

Read the description…%between%